Photo/Film/Video Permit Form

Do I need a permit? A permit is required for still and video commercial/promotional shoots. If the photos are for a permitted event in the park, no additional Photo/Film permit is required. If you are shooting for personal use, you do not need a permit. You will need a permit if your shooting will impact others and/or the environment, if you are using the public space in a special/different way than it is intended (ie. as a studio or set) or if you are shooting with a drone. Permit fees and insurance needs will be determined upon review of the completed request form.

If you are requesting a permit for a photo shoot in Shoal Creek Living History Museum in Hodge Park, please complete the form on their web page.

Per City of Kansas City, Missouri Ordinance 50-163, business cannot be conducted on Park or City property without a permit from the appropriate Board.

KC Parks Media & Film/Photo Shoot Permits contact: Heidi (Downer) Markle, 816-513-7527

Please complete this form. Following review/approval by KC Parks staff, a permit fee will be determined and the permit issued upon receipt of payment and insurance (if requested). A minimum of five (5) business days is required to process a photo/film/video shoot permit request.


Applicant Information


Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation.

Check or money order contributions shall be made payable to Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation. Please mail payment to: Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation-Marketing and Permits Division, 4600 East 63rd Street Kansas City, Missouri 64130. Payment must be received prior to shoot.

Recognize the City of Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation as a credit in the finished product (if applicable).

Your shoot may require insurance; commercial general liability with limits of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate, written on an “occurrence” basis, listing the City of Kansas City, Missouri as the additional insured. Need for insurance is determined on a case-by-case basis. A rider will need to be provided prior to issuance of a permit if it is determined insurance is needed.