Shelter Reservations

The Parks and Recreation Department issues permits for various events and activities held in public parks throughout the city. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Special Event and Permit Division, 816-513-7787, before conducting business on park property. All park permit requests must be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department at least 30 days prior to the event for a general permit and at least 90 days in advance for a specific permit (see Park Usage Fees below for difference in permits). Requests will not be considered if enough notice is not given.

Park Event Permit FAQs
Park Event Permit Fees
Park Event Recycling Policy
Park Event Permit Checklist
Park Event Permit Request Form
Park Permit for Field Reservations
Permit for Photo, Film, and Video on Park Property
Permit for Road Races, Run, Walks and Rides (on City streets; not park-based)
Permit for Sidewalk Cafe Leases and Encroachment Licenses
Parks Vending Permits & Healthy Vending Guidelines